Access mental health support at schools and colleges to be improved

Under recently announced government plans to improve services, young people in England will be able to access mental health support at their school or their college. But as it is expected, only one in four schools will have provision in place by 2022.

The Chy Sawel Project believes that while any proposal to improve access to mental health support is welcome, this green paper must be seen as the beginning of a conversation on mental health treatment and not the end.

The government’s new green paper proposes:

  • training for senior designated mental health leads in schools to improve prevention work
  • earlier access to services via the creation of new mental health support teams working in/directly with schools
  • a new four-week waiting time for NHS children and young people’s mental health services
  • every primary and secondary school in England to be offered mental health awareness training
  • all pupils to be taught about mental health and wellbeing as part of improved relationships education and PSHE [personal, social, health and economic] lessons

The green paper will be published on Monday, December 4th and will be followed by a 12-week consultation period.

You can get involved by viewing the green paper Here…

These new measures are intended as part of £300m investment by the Depts. of Health and Education.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

“Around half of all mental illness starts before the age of 14, so it is vital children get support as soon as they need it – in the classroom. If we catch mental ill health early we can treat it and stop it turning into something more serious.”



Education Secretary Justine Greening added: 

“It actually really affects young people’s learning when they’re not able to engage at school as much as we want them to. So it’s about more expertise on the doorstep for schools, better organisation between schools and the health service and improving the waiting time steadily, so that young people can get faster care.”



One of the key aims of The Chy Sawel Project is to challenge assumptions about mental health conditions and how they are treated. If you believe in challenging these assumptions too and would like to help…

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