Can nature-based interventions improve mental health?

A growing body of evidence suggests they can.

Dr Dan Bloomfield – A Dose of Nature

Nature-based interventions for mental health, are beginning to become more and more common in the UK and the evidence for their effectiveness is building. ‘A Dose of Nature’, a project in the south-west investigating how making use of outdoor, natural environments can improve physical and mental health and and general wellbeing; is one of the groups adding to the growing body of research.

Have a look at the current issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry (International Edition), one of the academic journals published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It’s theme is the re-emergence of green care and features an editorial from the Senior Clinical Advisor for Mental Health at Health Education England, Dame Sue Bailey, an overview of the evidence for the pivotal role greenspace plays in population-level mental health from Jo Barton and Mike Rogerson at the University of Essex.


The key paper in the issue What makes nature-based interventions for mental health successful? is a summary the work of Dr Dan Bloomfield and the Dose of Nature project, which suggests some of the key factors involved successful interventions include:

  • The need for deep and lasting engagement
  • The need to be flexible within broad and different partnerships
  • The critical issue of managing the patient or service-user’s transition from a clinical to a non-clinical setting


The team at The Chy Sawel Project would encourage you to read

What makes nature-based interventions for mental health successful?

And for more information, visit the project website: A Dose of Nature‘ 

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