Open Dialogue Seminar:

Weston Super Mare Tues 23rd June 2015.

We attended a one day Seminar in the Open Dialogue Approach. This is a talking therapy that was developed in Western Lapland over 25 years ago which has reduced the occurrences of admittance to hospital for people with psychosis with less dependency on the use of anti-psychotic drugs (neuroleptics).

NHS staff, Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychiatric Nurses are at the moment being trained in the Open Dialogue Approach, with a view to start using this method as soon as possible and eventually include NHS staff countrywide.

The Seminar was interesting and diverse. The discussions were lively, with the main theme being how to incorporate the Open Dialogue Approach into the present system. However, concerns were raised over various issues that may arise with the integration.

This new Approach in the UK gives us all hope for a better future, helping people move forward with their lives, reducing the severity of psychosis with a gradual reduction of anti-psychotic medication.

In attendance were psychiatric professionals, service users and carers from the Southwest and Wales. Throughout the day there was plenty of lively ‘’Dialogue’’

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