The Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue 2017


This is an image of the cover of the Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue, which features Mental Health Charity, The Chy Sawel Project, this yearThe Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue 2017 is officially launched on December 1st and The Chy Sawel Project, is one of the charitable organisations featured this year.

With Christmas just over a month away, thoughts are starting to turn to looking for that perfect gift for family and friends. Well, thoughts are beginning to be thought about thinking about the intention of look for a good gift, if not perfect gift… or if we are being honest, any gift that isn’t a last minute, panic buy of socks or smellies, like last year. Sometimes the sheer volume of choice can be distracting and result in dithering about of whether to get this gift or that gizmo or the other gadget, until time runs out and you find yourself rushing about on Christmas Eve, with all the other similarly afflicted, fighting of the remaining Brand Name gift boxes in the local supermarket or service station.

Well instead of all that stress, why not gift a donation on behalf of a friend or family member that will do something good for the local community this Christmas?

The Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue features 20 charities and charitable organisations, including The Chy Sawel Project, who are all working in Cornwall to provide assistance and support and more to people in the community.

‘Gifts’ start from just £1 and in return for any donation, you receive a gift certificate to pass on to your family member or friend, so they can see the gift given on their behalf.

You can view and download a pdf of the Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue 2017 here…


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