Vision, Mission and Purpose

The Chy Sawel Project looks forward to a time when mental illnesses are treated effectively and humanely, without recourse to harmful treatments.

Chy Sawel’s mission is to promote awareness among the public and professionals, on different ways of perceiving and treating mental health problems. To encourage through education, research and project support methods and to foster natural mental health treatments that are effective, compassionate and based on understanding.

The primary purpose of Chy Sawel is to support and promote the treatment of chronic mental illness, by methods less traumatic and dangerous means, than through long term drug use, surgery and electro shock therapy. Chy Sawel supports the development of alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments such as the use of natural nutrients, practical exercise, social engagement, coping skills and talking therapies.

The committee of the Chy Sawel Project are concerned that current pharmaceutical treatments of mental illness are not very effective and can in fact be very dangerous, having various severe side effects, contributing to relapse and significantly detracting from the quality of life enjoyed by patients and their families. It is with the vision and purpose of helping to create better treatments for chronic mental health problems that Chy-Sawel was established as a registered charity.

Charitable Objects

The overall aims of Chy-Sawel are contained in the organisation’s charitable objects which are:

  • To assist in the treatment and care of persons suffering from chronic mental illness, or in need of rehabilitation as a result of such illness, by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities, support services and equipment not normally provided by the statutory authorities.
  • To advance the education and training of individuals, families, the public and health care professionals on the causes and effects of mental health difficulties and the benefits of an holistic approach for the relief and rehabilitation of persons suffering from psychiatric disorder or at risk of suffering from such disorders.
  • To promote research into matters related to the holistic treatment of mental illness and the publication of the results of such research.

Organisational development

Chy-Sawel achievements and aspirations

  • A strong and committed team of project management which meets monthly in Truro and includes a former consultant psychiatrist; nutritional, complementary therapy, and community development expertise, as well as having an accountant and parents of sufferers of acute mental illness. The diverse backgrounds of members contribute to a range of perspectives and fit well the holistic approach of the project.
  • Registration as a company limited by guarantee with Companies House and registration as a charity with the Charity Commission
  • Continued development and support for Chy-Sawel’s work by networking with other organisations in the UK and internationally.
  • Remaining a source of support for many sufferers of mental illness and their carers looking forward it will now be:
  • Strengthening the financial position of the charity by seeking grant and donations support towards developing its work programme and influence
  • Seeking funding to employ a project co-ordinator who will help in obtaining further project funding, developing networks, helping in disseminating information to support the mission of Chy-Sawel and assisting in the development of specific projects.
  • Developing the website and producing a Chy-Sawel newsletter to go to professionals and supporters with information about the project’s work and flagging up research, conferences and initiatives that are relevant to treatment of chronic mental illness treatment.
  • Setting up a research sub group of Chy-Sawel to review the increasing amount of relevant material that is now becoming available to keep the project abreast of new thinking and to ensure the soundest case is put forward to support its work and initiatives.
  • Working on producing a model for a residential holistic treatment centre for chronic mental illness treatment in Cornwall.

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