Chy Sawel – Core Committee Members


Sandra Breakspeare – Founder

Due to the mental health problems of one of my sons and despite all the Psychiatric interventions, his condition only worsened, so I started research of my own for some other form of help. This led to the formation of Chy-Sawel.




Margaret Milton – Trustee

Margaret is a parent carer of a 43 year old son who has enduring mental illness. During the past twenty years he has been in and out of hospital losing ground each time. She is convinced there has to be a better method of treatment other than pumping patients full of mind-altering medication which does nothing to treat the underlying problems.



Paul Green – Trustee

For the past ten years I have been involved in project development and delivery with organisations in the voluntary and community sector within Cornwall. My work has involved advice on possible funding opportunities, organisational improvement and policy development. I also have an interest in the area of nutrition and the impact it can have on mental health.



Chy Sawel – Visiting Committee Members


Dr David Orton, MB. ChB, MRCP, MRCPsych – Trustee

Retired Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. I have always taken an holistic approach to medicine with a particular interest in nutrition. I believe that advances in functional neuroimaging will enable us to relate cognitive psychology and neuroscience leading to advances in treatment of psychological condition with less reliance on medication.



Michele McAll – Committee Member

My name is Michele McAll and I am retired. I joined Chy-Sawel as I wanted to put something back into the community and because of my interest in wanting to have a healthy life myself, I liked the idea of trying to help people eat and live healthily. Because there are so many people with mental health problems who must feel so helpless at times, I wanted to do my bit in society to help.



Steve Angove – Committee Member

Steve works as Committee Member a freelance consultant to Voluntary & Community organisations and Social Enterprises. Career background in finance and enterprise development. He is a Graduate Member of The British Psychological Society and holds a masters degree in Social Science. Steve believes that Chy-Sawel can make a significant contribution to moving from an out dated mental illness model to psychosocial alternatives.


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