Support The Chy Sawel Project

This is an image for a fundraising campaign from Mental Health Charity, The Chy Sawel Project.

Do you want to:

  • Challenge common assumptions about mental health?
  • Raise awareness about the effectiveness of non pharmaceutical treatment options?
  • Help make a nutritious diet the cornerstone of any mental health treatment plan?
  • Help people better understand the nature of their condition through talking therapies?
  • Encourage exercise and practical activity to offset the physical toll of mental health issues?  
  • Help provide a range of online resources to support the management of conditions?
  • Help support setting up The Chy Sawel Treatment Centre where the treatments above will be available, to support recovery from debilitating mental health conditions?

If you do, then please help The Chy Sawel Project make a start by raising £2,018 for 2018

 …or gain 2018 page likes on Facebook

      …or reach 2018 followers on Twitter

If you also believe a 21st century approach to mental health treatment is needed, you can support The Chy-Sawel Project in a variety of ways.

With your time

If you would like to volunteer your time to help advance The Chy Sawel Project, please enter your detail into the Contact Form and to tell us a little about yourself, what you could do for The Chy Sawel Project and what time you could spare. We would love to hear from you.

With a donation

If you would like to financially support The Chy Sawel Project, you donate online or by post. If you prefer to to donate online please use the PayPal below.


Or, if you would prefer to donate by post, please send a cheque to:

Address: Anjue House, Trevalgan Hill, St. Ives, Cornwall. TR26 3BJ

Noting the Payee as: The Chy Sawel Project


The Chy Sawel Project is dedicated to educating the general public and health professionals, on the advantages of our philosophy, to producing research into nutrition led therapies and setting up The Chy Sawel Treatment Centre. All donations to support The Chy Sawel Project are greatly appreciated.

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