In our pursuit at Chy-Sawel, we recognise the imperative for a holistic approach to mental health treatment, diverging from the prevalent pharmaceutical-centric model. The prevailing culture, dominated by quick-fix synthetic medications, stems from a profitable drug industry. Despite the escalating mental health crisis, our commitment to change faces resistance rooted in entrenched theories. Advocating for inclusive debates, both within and beyond the medical community, we aim to redefine 21st-century care models by integrating non-pharmaceutical approaches. The urgency arises from the significant financial and human costs of mental health issues, demanding a reevaluation of resources allocated to mental health research. Our vision extends beyond conventional drug-based interventions, emphasising psychosocial methods, healthy lifestyles, and comprehensive support within families and communities. At Chy-Sawel, we believe in re-defining the landscape of mental health treatment, challenging the status quo to improve outcomes for those affected.

Our Hope for a New Treatment Centre in Cornwall

Chy-Sawel, a groundbreaking initiative in the UK, seeks to establish a therapeutic center, initially in Cornwall, dedicated to individuals grappling mental illnesses. Pioneering an orthomolecular treatment approach, the center aims to prioritize patient well-being over administrative convenience. Rooted in the innovative work of Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, the treatment plan encompasses occupational and recreational therapies, social re-education, psychotherapy, and holistic methods. Residents, referred to as “students,” will experience a lifestyle transformation focusing on nutrition, self-medication, exercise, and communal activities. The dedicated staff will ensure the success of the center. With a commitment to individualized care, Chy-Sawel plans to accommodate up to 18 students, fostering a structured environment and positive links with the local community for a comprehensive rehabilitation process. Through education, family involvement, and a holistic recovery program, Chy-Sawel aims to offer hope to those who have been let down by other mental health treatments.

Chy-Sawel actively organizes and participates in conferences aligned with its mission to establish a holistic Healing House Treatment Centre. These conferences serve as vital platforms for sharing insights, research findings, and networking within the field of mental health and alternative therapies. By engaging with professionals, practitioners, and stakeholders, Chy-Sawel stays at the forefront of developments in non-pharmaceutical approaches to mental health.

Participation in conferences enables the exchange of knowledge and experiences, fostering collaborations that strengthen our commitment to offering credible alternatives to conventional treatments. It is through these gatherings that Chy-Sawel enhances its understanding of orthomolecular/nutritional medicine, contributing to the refinement of our holistic approach. This proactive involvement aligns with our strategy to advocate for a democratic right to choose alternative treatments, driving progress toward better outcomes for individuals facing mental health challenges.

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Sharing and Signposting to Research

Chy Sawel’s charitable objects include assisting in the treatment and care of those with chronic mental illness, advancing education on mental health, and promoting research into holistic treatments.

To do so, we actively conduct, signpost, and share research that promotes awareness and understanding.

We are also seeking to establish a research sub group of Chy-Sawel to review the increasing amount of relevant material that is now becoming available to keep the project abreast of new thinking and to ensure the soundest case is put forward to support our work and initiatives.

The establishment of a research sub-group underscores our commitment to staying informed about innovative thinking in mental health. This collective effort ensures that Chy Sawel remains at the forefront of research, supporting our initiatives and contributing to the creation of a model for a residential holistic treatment centre in Cornwall.