Chy-Sawel actively organizes and participates in conferences aligned with its mission to establish a holistic Healing House Treatment Centre. These conferences serve as vital platforms for sharing insights, research findings, and networking within the field of mental health and alternative therapies. By engaging with professionals, practitioners, and stakeholders, Chy-Sawel stays at the forefront of developments in non-pharmaceutical approaches to mental health.

Participation in conferences enables the exchange of knowledge and experiences, fostering collaborations that strengthen our commitment to offering credible alternatives to conventional treatments. It is through these gatherings that Chy-Sawel enhances its understanding of orthomolecular/nutritional medicine, contributing to the refinement of our holistic approach. This proactive involvement aligns with our strategy to advocate for a democratic right to choose alternative treatments, driving progress toward better outcomes for individuals facing mental health challenges.

Any upcoming conferences and events that may be of interest are listed below: