The Chy Sawel Project is changing. We are in the process of redesigning this website and once done, we will then roll out the changes across our social media channels.

Chy Sawel will also be launching a new fundraising campaign, to help continue research into nutrition led therapies and achieve our aim of establishing the Chy Sawel Treatment Centre.

If you would like to support the Chy-Sawel Project, you can donate here.

The Chy-Sawel project has been spearheaded by Sandra Breakspeare whose son has been under long-term mental health care for schizophrenia. Sandra has spent many years researching the issues and became interested in different approaches to the standard psychiatric treatments. She has attended conferences in the UK and in Canada and has formed a group of professionals in Cornwall to work on showing that there are other options for treating mental illness.

Conferences in Cornwall have been organised to explore and inform about nutritional, dietary, and talking therapies approaches to acute mental illness and the project has been very grateful for the support it has received from many eminent UK and international speakers. Attendance has been from mental health and general medical practitioners, psychologists, therapists, carers and sufferers and the conferences have helped not only to inform and challenge but also to demonstrate that feasible and tested alternative approaches are available.

Chy-Sawel has recently achieved registered charitable status which has been one of its aims and this has led to a review of the development of the project and this document.

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