Nutrition, Diet & Mental Health: Evidence Based Approaches for 21st Century

As we know in today’s climate with covid 19 and other health issues, there are many more suffering from psychological/ mental problems.
Chy-Sawel a mental health charity is holding a morning online event to bring the latest Evidence-Based Approaches for the 21st. Century of
Nutrition, Diet, and Mental Health which Chy-Sawel proposes to use as the main treatments alongside therapies like ‘Open Dialogue’ among other various therapies at their Therapeutic Centre once up and running.
Please see below the ‘Eventbrite’ link to book your tickets to join the event.

Nutrition, Diet & Mental Health: Evidence Based Approaches for 21st Century

There is a small cost of ten pounds for the event to cover our costs.
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We look forward to seeing you on the morning.
Event Programme

Sandra Breakspeare.
Trustee Chy-Sawel.
Charity Reg no: 1142668

Welcome To The Chy-Sawel Project.

The Chy-Sawel Project was granted charity status in 2013, following a long campaign by the founder Sandra Breakspeare, to find the most appropriate and effective treatment for her son, who had a psychotic episode in late 1989, was medicated as per the standard practice of the time and eventually placed in secure mental health care.

To read an update on Anthony’s Story, please click here.

Sandra has spent over two decades researching the issues relating to Anthony’s condition and has developed an interest in different approaches to the standard psychiatric treatments. While Anthony has been in long term care, Sandra has attended events and conferences around the UK and all over the world, to help create a network of like-minded professionals in Cornwall and beyond to produce substantive evidence-based research, showing that there is value in prescribing none pharmaceutical options when treating mental illness, in its many forms.

“Neurotherapy physical therapy”

The ultimate aim of The Chy Sawel Project is to establish a Treatment Centre championing a 21st century approach to mental illness where a nutritious diet, practical exercise and talking therapies are preferred prescription option over tranquillising medication.

In order to establish the Treatment Centre, the Chy Sawel Project aims to raise awareness of the non-pharmaceutical treatment options that are not only available but are also practical, affordable and most importantly, proven to be effective. Then off the back of raised awareness, raise funding to secure a location, adapt premises, hire staff, open and operate the Treatment Centre.

“The biomolecular structure of a protein molecule”

To help raise awareness, the Chy Sawel Project has organised conferences in Cornwall and beyond, to explore the latest advances in nutritional, dietary, and talking therapies and help inform mental health professionals about how such advances can be applied to how we approach the treatment of acute mental illness.

The Chy Sawel Project has been very grateful for the support received from many leading British and international experts, who have kindly agreed to speak at the conferences. And, the conference attendees have included mental health professionals, psychologists, therapists, counsellors etc, general medical practitioners, nutritionists and dietary specialists, those who care for family members with mental illness and those who suffer mental illness themselves.

The conferences have not only helped to challenge the status quo, but also to demonstrate that tested alternative approaches are both available and feasible.

This is the lead image on the homepage of Mental Health Charity The Chy Sawel Project, championing an holistic approach to treating anxiety, depression and stress.

The Chy-Sawel Project is a registered charity. This website, associated social media channels and fundraising campaigns, all seek to raise awareness and funding to establish The Chy Sawel Treatment Centre.

The Chy Sawel Project | Charity Registration Number: 1142668

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