The 4 Pillars Of Wellbeing

The aim of the Chy-Sawel Project is to establish a Treatment Centre, the cornerstone of which will be diet and nutrition tailored to individual need, along with a holistic range of complimentary treatments.

Sadly, whenever any organisation or individual mentions words like ‘holistic’ or ‘complimentary’ the mainstream medical establishment tends to hurl around accusations of ‘Pseudo-science’ or ‘Quackery’ generally poo-pooing all but the narrow range of existing practices and treatments.

Which is why it is wonderful when a respected medical professional not only endorses an holistic, complimentary approach, but sets out their own ideas based upon them.

And one such professional is Dr Rangan Chatterjee, who has practised medicine for nearly two decades and outlines an introduction to his philosophy below.

The 4 Pillar Plan. Dr Rangan Chatterjee

We live in a world of sensationalist media headlines. Trust me, you’re not the only one that finds them confusing. One week, fat is bad, the next week fat is good. One “expert” says you only need 6 hours of sleep a night, another says you must get 9.

How do you navigate all of this conflicting information and decide what will help increase your energy, keep you healthy, and recover from illness?

Take control and simplify, making healthy choices doesn’t have to be so confusing.

You can take control of your health by simplifying your approach. I want you to experience optimal health so you can feel great and be confident in the choices you make to take care of yourself and your family.

Achieving and maintaining health is not a passive activity. As the patient, you need to be involved. But, to be involved in managing your health, you need to understand where to focus your attention.

The keys to good health

After years practising medicine, I believe a new approach to achieving and maintaining health is necessary. Rather than suppressing symptoms, I focus on finding the root cause of disease. I believe that lifestyle and nutrition are the keys to good health. I want to help people like you take control of your health and simplify your approach to making healthy choices.

The four pillars of good health, which will be discussed in more detail in subsequent posts, are:

1. Eat well
2. Move well
3. Sleep well
4. Relax well

Making changes in these areas is simple, but not easy.

You may even think this short list is obvious. But, are you currently taking care of yourself in these areas? Do you spend most of your day sitting? Do you know how crucial it is to your health to make time to relax?

Knowledge is power.

You can’t control what other people eat around you, or what advertisements you see on the street, but you can change the environment in your home. You can change your own nutritional habits and lifestyle if you know what changes will actually make a difference. One of my core beliefs when it comes to health is that there are no specific rules that apply to all people, all the time. All advice needs to be tailored to each person’s individual circumstances and specific goals as well as their current health status. The details of how you implement these four pillars may look different than your neighbour, but focusing on improving these areas will benefit anyone.

It’s my hope that the suggestions here and to follow in subsequent posts help you feel empowered to improve your health and well-being through simple lifestyle changes. It can often help to start making these types of changes with someone else. Consider asking a friend, neighbour, or work colleague if they want to start focusing on these four pillars as well. You can check in with each other to see how it’s going and support each other as you make positive changes.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Chatterjee

If you would like to find out more or purchase The 4 Pillar Plan, please visit Dr Chatterjee’s website